I'm Dungeon (They/She) and I love all things Tabletop RPG. I make comics Mon-Fri across the socials, stream art and tabletop games, take character commissions, and even make motion graphics videos.Feel free to have a look around, or head over to my ko-fi to check out my work, store and commission info.

Want to work with me on a project? Please feel free to get in touch.

I make comics about TTRPGs.
You can read them online in these places:

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Get in Contact

Want to work with me on a project? Please feel free to get in touch.

Art Credits

• Board Layout Graphic on Tea and Toadstools

TTRPG Streams, Podcasts and Videos

Created by me:
Dungeon's Lair: The Secret Spooky House (Monster of the Week)
Dungeon's Lair: Short Circuit (MASKS)
Dungeon's Lair: The Naughty List (D&D xmas charity special)
Guest appearances:
Hawthorn Woods (Monster of the Week) by Roll For Good (Guest GM)(October Charity Stream)
Cute Monster Corner by Hoard of Tales (Art charity special)
Glitter Hearts by Roll For Good (Guest GM)(October charity stream)
Love, Um... Actually by D8 Dungeon (D&D Xmas Special)
Snow and the Seven by Level 1 Geek (D&D)
Interview with Tabletop Theory
Interview with Slowquest Podcast

Art Commissions

My art commissions are open for emotes, character sketches, portraits and full colour work. See my ko-fi for more info and commission terms.

Sketch of a elvish vampire.
Image of a cute vector portrait of a dark skinned, dark haired halfling bard/sorcerer.
Image of a pale skinned, blonde, female dwarf casting goodberry, sitting on a green hill.

Motion Graphics

Below are a few examples of my motion graphics work. I've created video for TTRPG streams and crowd funding projects alike. Please feel free to check out my vimeo page for more examples.

Overisles Kickstarter Video
Video: Dungeon Delves
Bird Animation: Josh Sumerville
Music: Reimerpdx

Dragon Dowser Kickstarter Video
Video: Dungeon Delves
Art: Willowsquest
Music: Reimerpdx

Roll For Good's Halloween Graphics
Animations made for Roll For Good's Halloween Highjink's streams. Used as BRB screens.